System accuracy  ±0.05 mm
 Picking capacity  4-6 x 96 spots (depending on MTP configuration) without interaction
 Excision speed  600 spots per hour
 Excision platform  300 mm x 300mm, when using UV-transmissive: 230 mm x 280 mm
 Pickup rate  >99.5% spot pickup on first cut
 Imaging system  SLR camera with 18 MPixel resulting in 400 dpi for a 300 mm x 300 mm gel
 Excision tip internal diameters  1.5 mm, 2.0 mm, and optional other diameters
 Excision surfaces  Backed or free gels (1D, 2D) 0.5-2.0 mm thick; visible light (e.g., CBB, silver stain); UV light  (e.g., SYPRO Ruby)
 Media requirements  6 bar air supply (non lubricated, oil free). Suitable compressor on request.
 Mains voltage  220 - 240 V
 Power comsumption  max. 1000 W (with air conditioning / cooling option)
 Operating temperature  15-30°C
 Operating humidity range  12-85%, noncondensing
 Dimensions (without computer) (W x D x H):  102 cm x 69 cm x 100 cm. Requires 15 cm clearance around the instrument.
 Weight     (Instrument only)  base  configuration 70 kg
 Computer (PC and monitor included)  Microsoft Windows™
 Connection type  USB and RS232


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