The determination of accurate molecular masses is detrimental for the elucidation of molecular formulae of chemical compounds. Thanks to high resolution/ high mass accuracy mass spectrometry we can provide you with accurate masses of chemical synthesis products etc. The combination of accurate mass and isotopic distribution of mass spectra can unravel the composition of molecules. 

Proteome Factory operates a Thermo Scientific LTQ-FT for the accurate mass measurement with

  • high mass accuracy (1 ppm)
  • high mass resolution (up to R=1,000,000)
  • in a wide mass range (m/z 50 to 2000, high mass range up to 4000)

for structural elucidation which can be assisted by prior knowledge of compound (e. g. known heteroatoms).

For successful analysis by direct infusion or flow injection analysis your sample should fulfill some requirements:

  • substances should be pure compounds
  • free from salt or buffer
  • possess groups with proton affinity to allow electrospray ionisation, e. g. amino, hydroxyl, carboxylic acid etc. 
  • suitable solvent for inital dissolution should be stated

Please consults us when you have differing requirements. LCMS is available for analysis of mixtures or samples containing salts or involatile buffers.