Samples for Proteome Factory should be addressed to:


Proteome Factory AG
Magnusstr. 11 
12489 Berlin 

Tel.: +49-30-20616265
Fax.: +49-30-20616267
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General advice

  • please use express shipping services (e. g. DHL Express, FedEx, TNT) for samples submitted from outside of Germany
  • please ensure shipping to our facilities has been prepayed (air cargo providers often only ship to airports)
  • enclose the respective sample submission form (or a short description of samples and requested services or reference to communication with us)


Shipping of dissolved proteins and complex samples

  • Consider sufficient cooling to protect sample integrity.
  • If dry-ice shipment is required please check with your forwarder if this is accepted. 
  • We recommend 1 kg of dry-ice per day in transport. Allow for an additional safety margin due to possible delays in transit.  


Shipping of gel bands or spots from SDS-PAGE or 2-DE

  • observe recommendations for avoiding Keratin contamination
  • cut bands with as little excess gel as possible (i. e. no unstained area, only protein of interest)
  • transfer each one into a new reaction tube
  • seal with Parafilm for extra security during transit
  • ship tubes in a padded envelope (cooling is not required for polyacrylamide material) 


International customers from outside the European Union

Please contact us before shipping to prevent import issues with customs authorities and disease control agencies. Proper documentation of samples is therefore critical for uncomplicated clearance into the European Union. Fees and taxes that have not been prepaid will be billed to the customer. We recommend World Courier for transport of samples from outside Europe. 

Purified or extracted proteins: please enclose a statement that (if applicable) the sample is free from cell material and that it is non-infectious. 

Tissue and other material of animal origin: an import permission (for animal byproducts according to EU regulations 1069/2009 and 142/2011) needs to be obtained in advance by Proteome Factory from the respective authority. Please contact us in advance. 


To facilitate import please mark your samples, if applicable, as:

  • Non-harmful, non-radioactive, non-infectious
  • Deactivated, denaturated sample
  • For scientific analysis only
  • Not for testing on humans or animals
  • Without commercial value


Please include a proforma invoice for your samples and set the value to 1 EUR per sample. Higher arbitrary values will result in import taxes which are not covered by our analysis fees.